What a day.....

With the announcement of the change to the Red setting as of midnight last night we have scrambled to ensure that OSCAR can continue with minimum disruption. We unfortunately have to cancel our off site events due the number of participants that are able to make use of the off site venues. This change has placed some stresses on all families and staff around what we can and what we can not do. Please know that you are welcome to drop and run in the mornings as long as you can flag down a staff member to ensure they receive your child safely. We have the QR code scanner on the door if you need to enter, so we ask that you please scan in when required. Our planning is somewhat disrupted also and we anticipate to provider onsite activities as best we can. Our Amberley group will remain on their own site as of Wednesday until the end of the week for now and further decisions will be made for the first 2 days of the week after. We will communicate changes to you, should there be any.

We wish to thank you for your continued support and understanding. Please do yell out if there is anything we can assist with further. Take care and stay safe.

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