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I am the owner/coordinator of the programmes. The Kaiapoi site was started in Dec 2009 holidays and was only operational for a few months, before the roll increased and further staffing was required. The Waikuku site was then opened in February 2010 after being approached by the principal when I was seeking assistance with furniture that the school may no longer need and wish to expose of.
My personal achievements were my studies towards a Certificate in Small Business studies undertaken at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa which I completed in Mar 2009. Further self development from then on were the OSCAR certificate and further relevant studies and workshops within the OSCAR sector. Another successful challenge for me was to undertake studies in Poupou Huia Te Reo (Certificate in Te Reo Maori) and the latest being through Open Polytechnic and studying Teacher Aide Certificate. As for studies, I think I will never stop as it just provides me with so much more skills and interest in my sector. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Social Services with Otago Polytech which I am looking to complete at the the end of 2020. 
I thoroughly enjoy my time with the OSCAR groups and everyday is a new exciting experience. I remind colleagues and families that I meet, that children are the most rewarding experience any adult or caregiver can have, not matter how challenging. Each child is unique and it's our responsibility to recognise and build on their unique experiences.

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Hi, my name is Louise. I have worked in retail and hospitality for many years, but have decided it’s time for change.
In my spare time I enjoy being with my family and having friends over for BBQ’s. I love the summer time where I get to be outdoors, going for walks and taking my daughter to the park.
I’ve been working as part of the OSCAR team for a few months now and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Every day is different and challenging, but also very rewarding. I look forward to seeing the children and enjoy sharing stories with them. I enjoy our games of “Skip Bo”, but the kids always beat me at it.
I look forward to watching the young children grow up and to see how their personalities develop. We may have the next All Black star or even the next Prime Minister, you never know. As long as the children are happy and enjoying their journey ahead of them, I am glad that I am a part of it.

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Hi, I am Bonnie and I am back at OSCAR. After living in Christchurch for 14 years, my family decided to move to Nelson, but after 3 years there and losing my grandparents within a month, Christchurch was calling my name. I needed to be around family and lifelong friends again, so here I am.
OSCAR brings along challenges like any working environment does, but what makes it worthwhile is all the rewarding moments and seeing each child grow to become their own unique individual.
I love working with the children at OSCAR on a daily basis. Each day is full of exciting new experiences and of course many good memories. Meeting new children and their families is also one of the many things I look forward to when coming to work at OSCAR.
I love animals and my fur babies are my world. Maybe I’ll turn out to be the crazy cat lady, who knows :-)
I look forward to continuing to develop positive and meaningful relationships with the children and their families as well as my colleagues at OSCAR care.


Hi, my name is Lynette. I am originally from South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand with my family in February 2003. I am married and my husband and I have 3 boys. 

My favourite thing to do is spending time with my family and I enjoy dancing and taking long walks with my boys. My previous employment was at Farmers and then also worked for a cleaning company called Spotless.

I have been a part of the OurKidz OSCAR team for the 3 months now and I am enjoying every minute of it. Every day is different, and I look forward to seeing the children again, to hear all their stories and to continued playing games with them at OSCAR care.

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Hi all, well as you can see I am still here, it’s been number of years now.I have seen a lot of children come and go during my time at OSCAR care, or should I say grow and still enjoy my time at with all the current and new families.
I'm now another year older and still up for a game of rugby or a kick of the ball. I have lived in Woodend for 20+ years and have two adult kids, my daughter is now 25 and my son 22. I have traveled a fair bit in the last 5 years and really enjoy visiting other countries.
As I always say to others, I believe I will still be working with the children in OSCAR for many years to come and they will eventually wheel me out due to old age.

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Hello everyone! My name is Maia Thompson, I am twenty years old and a new member to the team at OurKidz OSCAR. I work at the Amberley site specifically, and also have a nannying job with a two year old. I am originally from England, but have lived all over here in New Zealand since 2003. I have lived in Christchurch, Auckland, Picton and Nelson. But I am back in Christchurch for good All my life I have been a hip hop dancer, competing nationally whilst living in Auckland and Nelson, and would like to commit to dancing again sometime in the future. Child Care has always been a passion of mine, so it’s so nice to get a foot in the door with our OSCAR program. In my own, quiet time I love to draw, paint, write.. anything creative basically. I have a dog named Max, two cats named Charlie and Colby, two guinea pigs named Freddy and Bud (and they are my world!).

I’m so excited to see how my time at OSCAR evolves. I have enjoyed every hour spent with the children so far, and I’m most definitely looking forward to the future with them. I love watching their personalities evolve, and watching them open up every second they spend their time with us here at OSCAR. They inspire me every day with joy and happiness, and never seem to not brighten your day at the right moments. That’s a bit about me