Red Setting for Term 1

Welcome back to OSCAR care. It is lovely to have you and your family to join us for another year of fun and activities.

Our planning for the week would see the St Patricks group joining up with the KBS group on Friday. Children will be collected from school at 3pm by staff and we ask that you please collect them from KBS in the evening.

During the Red setting we work in conjunction with our school's on site. We therefore ask all parents and caregivers to please drop your children at the door in the mornings, and please ensure a staff member has been sighted before leaving. In the evening when collecting children, again please sight a staff member, who will then release the children to their families. We are awaiting further instruction from MSD and will keep you informed should there be further requirements to report.

We thank you for your continued support. Have a wonderful first day at school.

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