Friendly reminder (Kaiapoi & Amberley Sites)

Our team fully understand and appreciate that times are difficult for so many of our families at this strange and unpredictable time. We know that things can change in a day and we never can predict the next thing coming our way. We are urging everyone who make use of our services to please understand that if your child is unwell we would strongly suggest that you keep them home to keep them safe first and foremost. At the same time we ask that you please text us if your child is away from care at any time.

We provide service to many families in our districts and we absolutely appreciated everyone's support and understanding. Thank you. Stay safe and know that we are here to support you, our OSCAR Families as best we can. :-)

You are welcome to text any queries and absences to Debbie 021 0274 6031 or email to

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