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OSCAR Notice

With the growing concerns for the Covid-19 virus, we wish to advise that we are making every effort to ensure the children, their families and the staff of OSCAR are kept safe. We are committed to be following the guidelines as outlined by Ministry of Health and the Government. As announced by the Prime Minister yesterday, we are placed at level 2 of this pandemic of which four levels have been introduced. Updates can be reviewed at https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-current-cases. It has also just been announced that we remain at a level 2, which is good news for the country.

In our social environment, we may have children, family members or staff who could fit within the high-risk categories. Unfortunately, in our social sector there are no facilities/abilities available for us to Work from Home and we therefore sincerely request that unwell members, children and families remain at home during this time to avoid any complications to all our attendees who may be at these high risk statuses.  We would also appreciate your support in reiterating to your children the importance of proper hygiene practices.

We thank you for your efforts and support. We wish you and your families remain safe and we are committed to work together to combat this virus for the well being of our schools and communities.

Thanking you


(Debbie, Donna, Bonnie, Louise, Lynette, Kayla and Melissa)


July 12, 2025

What a wonderful couple of weeks for us in Term 1, 2020. We are gearing up to open our next site which will be located at St Patricks School Kaiapoi. We are so blessed to have the wonderful opportunities we have had so far and we look forward to supporting our school communities for many years to come.


March 2020

So many wonderful opportunities have presented themselves for us over the last couple of weeks. We are truly blessed with all the good cheer around our group. Thank you to all for your continued support. 🥰 Please click the link below and vote for us.
The first page is where you would support a local community group who is doing a wonderful job with our children, families and whānau, so do head on and vote for your chosen group. OurKidz NZ OSCAR is named on the next page. For the families that have already voted for us, we thank you kindly. ✔️



Wow what a couple of exciting weeks we have had so far. Our Amberley site is doing well and we have been super creative. Outside play and swimming is great and having the Domain at the front door is amazing. We are all having so much fun.



A very warm welcome to our new and improved website.

Quality Child Care Provider Since 2009

OurKidz NZ OSCAR has been operational since December 2009, catering for a holiday programme at the Kaiapoi Bulldogs League rooms. The League rooms were badly damaged in the 2010 earthquakes and we had then relocated to the Kaiapoi Borough School. It has been a long and successful journey for us all and we are now at full capacity for this site.

We offer:

  • Before school programme from 7am to 8.45am

  • After school programme from 2.45pm to 6pm or 3pm to 6pm for surrounding school communities.

  • Our holiday programmes operate from 7.30am to 5.30pm daily and an option for families who require a half-day session which ends at 3pm.

OurKidz NZ OSCAR is a Ministry of Social Development (MSD) approved provider and undertake accreditation reviews every two years by a member of MSD Accreditation team. With this accreditation approval we can offer parents/caregivers the opportunity of applying for the OSCAR Subsidy from Work and Income.



Happy, Healthy and Content Children

Parents lead busy lives, and we are here to alleviate some of the daily stresses by taking care of your children while you are at work. We offer a variety of childcare services, so please browse the options below and get in touch with any questions. Enrolling your children is easy, choose the programme and the days you are needing to have the children cared for. Before and After school programmes are booked every year, for terms 1 through to 4. Should you wish to change your bookings during term, we require you to please complete a change form. Holiday programmes are booked every holidays.

Fruits and Oatmeal Breakfast

7AM TO 8.45AM

Breakfast may be available to the children who get an early start to their school day.

Having a healthy breakfast before starting a school day is linked to improved concentration, increased energy, a higher intake of vitamins and minerals, and even a healthier body weight. Breakfast is especially important for young students whose brains use up about half of the body’s energy.

2.50PM TO 6PM

Socializing is important after a day at school.

We understand the importance of caring for your children in a safe and effective way. With all of the activities we provide, parents can rest assured that your children are safe and are given a number of opportunities to explore a wide range of possibilities to have fun.



7.30AM TO 5.30PM

Holiday Activities for all to enjoy.

Holidays are always so much fun for our group. We have opportunities to visit different places and enjoy the outings on bus trips. Whether it is to the beach, the park, or playground, we look forward to having heaps of fun together.

Please let us know what your childcare requirements  are and we can provide an actual weekly cost for your family.




U ladies are the best... thank you


Thank you again for everything. My boy is enjoying OSCAR and the girls working for you are all lovely.


Awesome Carers, awesome kids, awesome places to visit. The main thing that was evident when I was driving the bus was the love and companionship shown to the kids. Keep it up guys.


I love having you guys as like an extended family for my kids and I, I would seriously be lost without all you amazing ladies, so thank you for everything you continue to do for us! xx


Keep up the wonderful work you and all the other ladies do...you may not be told often but your hard work is really appreciated. 😊😊


Thank you so much for having him, I really appreciate the wonderful care you and the team have provided Zaiden, I know he does also.
It's been such a great help to me!!


Upcoming Events
Easter Break
Tue, Apr 14
Apr 14, 7:30 AM – Apr 24, 5:30 PM
Kaiapoi, Kaiapoi, New Zealand
Due to the closure and lockdown we are unable to commence with the Holiday Programme. Stay safe and hope to see you all once lockdown is lifted. :-) Take care of yourselves.