Delta Level 2 opening

As we prepare to open our OSCAR sites on Thursday morning as announced by government, staff and I are preparing a safe return for all children enrolled at their respective sites. This time level 2 is going to be a little different from the last time we visited a level 2, however we anticipate that working with our school communities will ensure that we are all doing what is needed to keep the children, all staff and families safe. Some of the discussions with staff were around the required cleaning and prep of spaces prior to receiving children in the morning and afternoons. As staff will be busy preparing for the safe entry of children the venue doors will be locked until we open at 7am. We will not be receiving any attendees before this time. At level 2, we are asking parents to please pack an extra fruit snack into your child's lunchbox for them to enjoy after school. We will continue to provide the children with a prepacked afternoon tea as normal, but will refrain from handling any other foods which need prep by staff. If entering the premise where OSCAR is located, please make sure you use the Covid Tracer app displayed at the entrance. If you wish to drop and run in the mornings, please make sure a staff member has acknowledged your child's arrival before heading off. The same would apply to the collection of your child in the afternoons, please make sure the staff acknowledge your arrival and they will ensure the safe release of your children. Children will be required to wash their hands and sanitize prior to undertaking any activities. Should you child have any allergies to sanitizers please do let us know and if needed please provide them with their own. Lastly we would appreciate if you could please keep sick children at home. Please do not send them to school or OSCAR if they are unwell. Should they become unwell while in our care, we will make contact with you to collect your child from us. We will keep them as comfortable as possible while we wait on your arrival to collect them if needed.

We thank you for your support during these times and please do let me know if you have any questions with this. Thanks heaps

The team at OurKidz OSCAR Kaiapoi and Amberley

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