Covid 19

What a few weeks here in NZ, Covid has struck and we have been in lockdown level 4 since 18 August 2021 to only move down to level 3 at 11.59pm on 31 August.

Unfortunately this means that we are still in lockdown at OSCAR until we are able to reach level 2. Until then we will continued to plan our upcoming holiday activities as best we can and hopefully by Tuesday next week we will reach a level to see a return to the OSCAR at all our locations.

This will present some changes in how we would receive and release the children to their families. It would be appreciated that a drop at the location entrance would be acceptable as long as a staff member is visible and has acknowledge your presence. For the evening collections we anticipate the same procedures for staff to acknowledge your presence then releasing your child to you from the entrance. Staff will sign the children in and out on the attendance registers. Should you wish to get information to staff please do email or text 021 0274 6031 and we endeavor to get the message to the site required.

To ensure the safe cleaning process we would not be receiving any children before 7am so we can complete the morning rituals first and foremost. The doors to the venue will be locked until such time, so please do work with us on this to ensure that we can safely provide for you and your children. Should you have any questions regarding this please do get in touch with me. Thanks for your support, Debbie Wood - Programme coordinator

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